Add Gears to Your Life - Keep Active

We promote health and fitness:

The Healthy Gears health and fitness program introduces you to an innovative, fun dynamic approach to lifestyle changes that can make you healthier and happier.

By joining our fun group bicycle rides a couple days per week you will begin the process of feeling healthier.

The program is designed to introduce the sedentary person to a gradual and fun activity program.

Here is how we do it: 

Believing that a slow gradual fun process is the most beneficial for long-term results. Our program design eliminates many of the barriers to beginning an activity program.

Healthy gears offers many options to assist you in the behavioral changes that will lead you to being healthier,  feeling happier and having more energy.

Here’s what Healthy Gears will do for you.

When you join our fun group rides you are going to lose weight and increase your fitness. You will begin to achieve your goals in a friendly, non-threatening environment.  All members like the “fun” aspect of the program regardless of your ability.  Progress happens very quickly.  We will provide you with a bike if needed and teach safe cycling.

Main Office

P.O Box 1921
Bristol, Connecticut 06010
 860 582 4090


Rides and Spin Class Hours

Spring Summer and Fall

Tues & Thurs : 6PM – Sunset
Sat – 10AM – 

Indoor Spin Classes Wed 6:30pm 

  • See Calendar for more events and details



You can visit us anytime you want,
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